5 Things to Help Cope with Headaches and Migraines

Over time, I’ve learned that a big part of coping with my headaches and migraines is related to my focus on the prevention aspect. The tools I use for my headaches and migraines are some of the same tools that I use for my Chronic Pain. 

Here is a simple list of 5 things I keep in that Toolkit:

Diet I’ve known since childhood that I am allergic and/or sensitive to dairy, wheat, barley, malt, etc. I chose to keep including them in my diet. Makes sense that my body became a walking ball of inflammation. I have since cut out dairy, soy, gluten and nuts. I’m still working hard at cutting out ALL sugar. I’ve made significant gains in energy, and I’ve decreased the amount of overall inflammation in my body. I believe this has helped with my tension headaches (along with other chronic pain symptoms).
Toxin Avoidance I do not bring chemicals into my home environment and I instead use holistic products (cleaning, household, personal care, etc). If my Central Nervous System is already on “high alert”, I will try to rearrange activities in order to avoid other triggers like intense noise, light, stress.
Pet a bunny Many people know about the therapeutic benefit of animals and pets. If you don’t have a pet, you can always loan a friend’s, go to the zoo or even watch some youtube videos of cute little fuzzy animals. Pain Camp’s pet rabbit (Daffodil) is always up for petting and she is a great “distraction technique” for me.
Plants I love plants and gardens. In fact, I love the therapeutic benefit of nature in general. I find that something inside of me is grounded when I play in the dirt and care for another living thing.
When it hits On occasion and despite my hard work at prevention, a headache or migraine will hit. For times like this I grab my essential oils, blanket and headphones (which double as earplugs). If I can do some relaxation, deep breathing and a good restorative yoga pose, I can usually quiet it down within an hour.

I am very blessed to say that since my diagnoses of the migraines/headaches, the frequency and severity have decreased significantly.

Pain Camp is a safe place to share your thoughts, experience, strength and hope.  How do you cope with your migraines and/or headaches? Do you also focus on prevention?

Photo credit: Pavla Hajek

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