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In early 2011, Jen was diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome, and her journey to move from surviving to thriving began. She’s picked up a lot of other diagnoses along the way, and can relate to others with chronic illness. She’s been to many doctors, had several surgeries/procedures, and has tried a plethora of therapies from Western, Complementary/Alternative Medicine, Functional, and overall Integrative medicine. Besides being active in daily symptom management and recovery, Jen enjoys spending her time with family and friends. She also enjoys volunteering, and letting God work through her to minister to others.

Jen’s character is one of perseverance, and she has always been determined to find effective ways to move from SURVIVING to THRIVING. She is dedicated and passionate about sharing the tools she has learned along with her experience, strength, and hope with others so that they too can move forward and move on with their lives!

Contributing Writers

Niall Finn

niall-finnNiall Finn worked for sixteen years as a nurse manager and counselor in the mental health services in Ireland. During this time he trained as a Psychotherapist. He has chronic pain due to a rare condition called hydromyelia and has used his experience to write in a helpful and empathic way about how to live with chronic pain.

He won a creative writing competition run by Chronic Pain Ireland and has had several submissions about managing chronic pain published in their quarterly members magazine.

Of note is his ability to integrate psychological theories with the practicalities of managing pain from the perspective of the person with pain’s perspective.

staying sane with chronic painCheck out Niall’s book, Staying Sane with Chronic Pain. The focus of the book is how to find a way of coming to terms with pain and live with it in such a way that your mental health and your peace of mind is of primary importance.

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Jessie has been a stay-at-home Mom for the past 5 years to her 2 boys ages 7 and 3. She has been married to her husband for 8 years. Jessie and her family reside on 3 acres with a small country home in the upper midwest. Prior to being a busy Mom, she worked for 11+ years in her career choice of Residential HVAC Technician. She still holds her certifications for refrigeration repair and gas piping installation. Jessie was officially diagnosed with chronic pain in 2011, but suffered from pain after a vehicle collision and back surgery in 2010. Jessie enjoys canning and preserving food that she grows in her large garden, and hunts for in the woods. She raises her children with some good ole country simplicity, and does it with much gusto!