Answers to some of our most common questions:

Where did the name “Pain Camp” come from? – The name “Pain Camp” came from Jen’s experience of participating in a Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program. Some of the staff and other patients would refer to it as “being at camp”. It was kind of like a boot camp for people with chronic pain. Thus, “Pain Camp” was born!

Is Pain Camp a real camp that I can visit and attend? – Unfortunately, no. At this time, Pain Camp does not have the resources to be an in-person live facility. There may be a time in the far off future, that this goal may come to fruition.

What are Recovery Reminders? – Recovery Reminders can be things you experience through the 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, vision) or they can be thoughts or a behavior you engage in to help manage pain symptoms. Examples are: deep breathing, listening to music, using essential oils (SAFELY).