Answers to some common questions, and definitions of common terms you may see around Pain Camp:

Where did the name “Pain Camp” come from? – The name “Pain Camp” came from Jen’s experience of participating in a Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program. Some of the staff and other patients would refer to it as “being at camp”. It was kind of like a boot camp for people with chronic pain. Thus, “Pain Camp” was born!

Is Pain Camp a real camp that I can visit and attend? – Unfortunately, no. At this time, Pain Camp does not have the resources to be an in-person live facility. There may be a time in the far off future, that this goal may come to fruition. We are working towards offering additional online support and coaching. But for now, please sit back (continue to stretch) and feel free to enjoy our trails and visit the canteen!

Who is this “Supportive Spouse“? – The Supportive Spouse is also part of the Pain Camp Community. His name is Aaron. He does not struggle with chronic pain. However, he lives with Jen and her pal “Pain”, so he’s qualified and legit! He is also on staff at Pain Camp.

Why do you have the “Just Taste It!” Thursdays if you can’t even cook? When I was first diagnosed with Chronic Pain, my diet consisted of white rice, white bread, turkey, chicken, romaine lettuce (I’d moved up from the iceberg), chips, carrots, cucumbers and ice cream. Since then I’ve learned that inflammation in the body can increase pain. Eating healthy food is one way to decrease inflammation. That is why we created the “Just Taste It!” series.

I’m quite possibly the world’s pickiest eater. Picky…as in OCD picky. I was born declaring that I am one of those “super-tasters”. With my Central Nervous System usually on overload, I’m even more sensitive to taste, texture, smell etc (as if I needed that!). I have several food allergies and sensitivities (that I’ve known about since childhood), and that sometimes interferes with my ability to try new things. But, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone tell me to “Just taste it!”.

I am determined to continue to improve my diet to also improve my health! I know that going off of gluten (actually, all grains), dairy, soy and nuts has helped with my symptom management.

But I’m overwhelmed when I look at recipes and ideas for “healthy” and “clean” eating. So, I’ve decided to start with easy recipes and report back to you what this Pain Camper’s experience has been.

What does “SPOT on” mean? – A great way to frame short and long term goals: Simple, Positive and Personalized, Organized and Time.

Gratitude Gems – what on earth? – Nope, we’re not talking about diamonds here (although, we can be grateful for those too!). Gratitude Gems are actions that we take to recognize things that we’re grateful for. They can also be just that: the people/things/situations that we are grateful for! Examples would be keeping a gratitude journal or list and the Gratitude ABC’s.

What is a Sneaky Serenity Sucker, and why should I watch out for them? – These little buggers are our ineffective physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational reactions to unexpected (and sometimes expected) challenges in our life. They can suck the serenity, peace and joy right out of us…IF WE LET THEM. 

What are Recovery Reminders? – Recovery Reminders can be things you experience through the 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, vision) or they can be thoughts or a behavior you engage in to help manage pain symptoms. Examples are: deep breathing, listening to music, using essential oils.