Where Else Can I Find Pain Camp?

We’ve been honored to share our experience, strength and hope with others. Here are some other places you may find Pain Camp or Jen’s writing and work:

Inexpensive Ways to Add Plants to Your Chronic Pain Tool Box  at Somebody Heal Me

Guest contributor Jen has a background in social work and mental health and lives with chronic migraine disease and a number of other chronic, debilitating conditions. She utilizes a blend of Western and alternative and complementary medicine to manage these conditions and thrive in her life. She maintains a wonderful blog at Pain Camp. I highly encourage you to check it out!

5 Benefits of a Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program: A Patient’s Perspective at Institute for Chronic Pain

The Institute for Chronic Pain (ICP) would like to welcome a guest post by Jen of Pain Camp. Jen is the founder of Pain Camp, which is a wonderful blog and website on chronic pain from the perspective of someone who has chronic pain and has participated in a chronic pain rehabilitation program. Her site, as well as her personal story, is one of how to go from SURVIVING to THRIVING despite having chronic pain. Her spirit is admirable and her testimony is inspiring. Her guest blog post today is on her experience of the benefits of participating in a chronic pain rehabilitation program.

The ICP hopes that you check out Pain Camp. It’s well worth it. In fact, it has recently been nominated for 2013 National Association of Social Workers Media Awards for best website category.

Allow Yourself To Take Care Of You at How to Cope With Pain

This is a guest post by Jen, who hosts the excellent website “Pain Camp:  Tools to Manage Your Pain So You Can Move On“.