Car accidents can exacerbate chronic pain symptoms. How do you handle this with your insurance? What do you say? How much information should you give

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Pain Camp is 5 Years Old! Posted July 15, 2017


Please help us celebrate our “blogaversary”! started on July 12, 2012. So yep, that means that we’re 5 years old! So much has changed

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As a professional, and as a chronic pain patient, I am trained to gauge people’s process for improving overall wellness and health related behavioral change. During the process of change, lapses and relapses can happen. When they do, they affect chronic pain self-management. Especially during a flare-up. So, what do we do to get back on track?


Hi, my name is Jessie and I have chronic pain. I have had chronic pain since 2010 when I was involved in a vehicle collision that was no fault of my own.


Ever wonder how you can eat a chocolate chip cookie without all of the inflammation from grain, dairy, and sugar? Here’s an easy recipe you can make when you have that “thick, chewy, soft chocolate chip cookie” craving. They’re grain free, sugar free, dairy free, and soy free! Let’s just say, they didn’t last more than a few days here! Yum!