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Pain Camp is 5 Years Old!

Please help us celebrate our “blogaversary”! started on July 12, 2012. So yep, that means that we’re 5 years old! So much has changed in the past 5 years, but a lot has stayed the same. How do you celebrate your anniversaries related to chronic pain? 

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Lady Gaga and Her Chronic Pain

Over the past several years, Lady Gaga has started to open up about having chronic pain. Recently, she started posting about it on her instagram account, letting her fans get a glimpse into her world of chronic pain, and her pain management toolkit.

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Chronic Pain Rehab: What My Life is Like 5 Years Later

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the day I entered the chronic pain rehabilitation program at a local facility. Looking back over the past 5 years, some things have definitely improved. However, one thing has remained the same: I still have chronic pain. Regardless, I consider myself to be thriving rather than surviving.

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