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The Ketogenic Diet for Chronic Pain: Part 1

Well, I’m at it again! This time, I’m trying to improve my chronic pain with the Ketogenic Diet! If you get to know me, you will find that have a certain level of perseverance. I struggle with acceptance, and seem to be in a constant state of “self-improvement”, no matter what area of my life. …

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How Far Will You Go to Cure Your Chronic Pain?

I recently ran across a few “new” approaches to Chronic Pain treatment. When I first started investigating them I thought, “Maybe this is the approach that I’ve been waiting for!” You know that feeling right? There’s that spark of hope, and then your curiosity kicks in. All of a sudden you find yourself reaching for …

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Just Taste It! Kale Chips for Chronic Pain

When I was first diagnosed with Chronic Pain, my diet consisted of white rice, white bread, turkey, chicken, romaine lettuce (I’d moved up from the iceberg), chips, carrots, cucumbers and ice cream. Since then I’ve learned that creating an alkaline environment in the body can help to reduce inflammation. Inflammation in the body can increase …

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