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I Love My Pain

Hi, my name is Jessie and I have chronic pain. I have had chronic pain since 2010 when I was involved in a vehicle collision that was no fault of my own.

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Overcompensating for Chronic Pain

"You are NOT Superwoman! Even though you are a super woman!" This quote is from an email that my dear friend wrote in response during a recent email exchange between the two of us. We were trying to set a date and a time to get together. No matter how we are living out our daily lives, my guess is that I am not alone in this aspect: I sometimes overcompensate for my chronic pain by adding even more to my schedule.

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Interview With My Brother: Men Get Lupus Too!

Sometimes we forget that people with Chronic Pain have pain due to their primary diagnosis of an auto-immune disease. Lupus is one of those diseases that can cause chronic pain. This interview is with my brother, Aaron, who is on his way to thriving while living with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) aka Lupus.

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