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How to Avoid Hurtful Comments to Someone With Headache or Migraine Disorder

I’ve had headaches my entire life but they were not considered chronic until just two years ago (when they were daily and turned into migraines). That is when I started to experience the stigma related to headaches and migraines. Whether well-meaning or not, I’ve found some people’s comments about headaches/migraines to be hurtful, invalidating, ignorant, …

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Chronic Pain and Christmas: From Surviving to Thriving

This post is about what life was like before my┬áChronic Pain diagnosis, and after my Chronic Pain diagnosis, and how Christmas looks different in my life story line. Before Chronic Pain, Christmas season looked somewhat like this: chaotic and frazzled with a splash of exhaustion in the midst of arguing. A season of surviving. This …

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