February 2013 Headache & Migraine Carnival: Migraine Pet Peeves

HeadacheLogoNewJuly2012Pain Camp participated in the Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival at Somebody Heal MeĀ this month! Our post that was featured: How to Avoid Making Hurtful Comments to Anyone With a Headache or Migraine Disorder.

Check out all of the other wonderful postsĀ about migraineur’s pet peeves. This is beneficial for people who do or do not suffer from migraines! Many of the posts talk about certain statements that people make (yes, even well meaning people) that can further the stigma around Migraine and Headache Disease.

Also, next month Pain Camp will be hosting this awesome blog carnival! Come back to check it out on Monday, March 11, 2013. The topic is “Migraine Coping Toolkit: Tell us about your favorite tool(s) for coping with the challenges of living with migraine or another headache disorder.” If you would like to participate, read how to submit your post here.

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