2013HDMBCLogoPain Camp is honored to host and welcome you to the March 2013 edition of the Headache Disorders and Migraine Blog Carnival!

Our theme for this edition is “Migraine Coping Toolkit: Tell us about your favorite tool(s) for coping with the challenges of living with migraine or another headache disorder.”

This edition has a lot to offer with various perspectives and ideas of how to cope with migraines and headaches. So sit back, relax, and pace yourselves as you read your way through the carnival!

Here are the important tidbits you need to know for the next exciting edition of Headache Disorders and Migraine Blog Carnival:

Theme: April 2013: Unexpexted blessings that have come out of our experiences living with migraine disease and other headache disorders.
Submission Deadline: Friday, April 5, 2013, by midnight (the end of the day)
Publication Date: Monday, April 8, 2013
Host: Somebody Heal Me, Diana Lee
Submit links to: somebodyhealme@gmail.com


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